Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics
How does Omnicontext ™ 
Personal Analytics
a report
your devices
Analyze your
Collect your
activity data
Personal Analytics is here to help you on your path of self-improvement. HOW?
Install the application and see for yourself.
By accessing your own analytics, understand your work habits and way of life.

How much time I spent for communication yesterday ?

In which locations did I spend my time ?

What did I do on my computer?
Personal Analytics:
makes your time visible.
Now that you have the result of your time management at hand, you can easily decide how to allocate your time in the most effective and efficient way.
What will you do?
  • deny?
  • react?
  • change?
  • improve
It is up to you!
Numbers do not lie and we are here to provide you with the most accurate ones.