OmniContext Personal Analytics™ Discover Yourself At Your Finest Hour.

Optimize your work productivity

Challenge yourself with Personal Analytics to understand your work and mobility habits.

Discover how much more productive you could be if you know how you spend your day.

Monitor your lifestyle

Understand if your daily habits are aligned with what you really want to be doing for yourself.

Know who are important people in your life.

No manual data entry, metrics will be collected from your computer and mobile phone.

Share your metrics with friends, colleagues, and peers.

Success is more fun when you share it with people.

Stay connected with those who want to know.

OmniContext™ Daily Insight

What are the losses in productivity caused by email?

Organizations lose around $1,250 per user in annual productivity because of time spent dealing with spam, $1,800 unnecessary emails from co-workers, $4,100 due to poorly written communications.

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